Renewal House

  • A Christian sober living program for low income men based on 12 Step Recovery principles
  • A safe and sober environment where men who are struggling with the disease of alcoholism/addiction can find the grace of God and experience His strength via Christ honoring recovery.
  • A program which teaches men the solution through Christ of living a sober life, living in an accountability environment where they are taught financial stewardship and reintegrated into the workforce.
  • The Renewal House men are required to WORK, SAVE toward living independently, LEARN principles of Christ centered 12 Step Recovery, and WORSHIP our Savior from whom their renewal flows.



  • $200 admission/first week fee
  • $100 Sobriety Deposit – refundable when completing the program in good standing and lost if relapse occurs
  • $100/week with $25/week transportation fee until private transportation arranged
  • 10% of income from any source while in any of our programs in honor of the principle of tithing
  • No participant will be turned away due to lack of funds. We have faith that our men will be working quickly and able to pay off or work off any fees in arrears. We DO NOT charge interest on back payments.

Download the intake application here.